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Here I am holding a 9 pound wild Brook Trout
The fly that fooled this trout is called  "Osprey 9025"

Bob Q. with his 8 pound Brook Trout taken Saturday evening on a
size 2 - 8x long Mickey Finn

Bob landed bigger trout but I was not there to take pictures.
One of our guides - Rol - in the back

Here are some of the pictures of the Wild Brook Trout that were landed and released in June of 2007.
We flew into Labrador, Canada June 7 and there was snow behind the camps and along the edges of the lake.
In 2 of these pictures you will see a doe Caribou running into the woods.
These trout averaged 5 to 9 pounds.

There are 2 trout that were killed for trophy wall hangers, these were for the owner of the lodge.





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